Tokyo Family Photographer | Flower Schedule around Tokyo and Yokohama | Yokosuka

We all know late March and early April around Tokyo is all covered with cherry blossoms, but I assure you it’s not the only season that the city is covered with flowers. I will share some of my favorite season and location to have a photo shoot under the beautiful scenery during Spring time.

Mid February ~ Mid March

Plum blossoms, they are one of the very first flowers which start to bloom before Spring. If you see these flowers in bloom, it means the spring is just around the corner!


late March ~ early April

Cherry trees start to bloom at late March around Tokyo but like any pretty flowers do, they start to fall after 1 short week. But it’s also the time you can witness amazingly beautiful sakura rain and all the beautiful petals on ground.


Early April ~ mid/late April

These are also one kind of cherry blossoms called Yaezakura but they start to bloom after the most famous ones start to fall. These flowers are very big and bright pink so they are photographed beautifully.


Late April ~ early May

Ahh stunningly beautiful. It’s hard to find wisterias in Tokyo but with a short trip to Yokosuka which will take around 60~90 mins from central Tokyo, there is this beautiful wisterias garden. Many of my clients traveled to this location for this beautiful scenery.



Wild flowers, roses..just can’t get enough of them


Mid June ~ Mid July

While spring comes to the end and rainy season starts these amazingly beautiful and large hydrangeas start to cover all over the city. My most favorite places to shoot with these flowers are Yokosuka and Kamakura.


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